7 Travel Photography Tips

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7 Travel Photography Tips

I enjoy traveling and always try to imprint the most beautiful moments in photographs, so I always carry a camera with me. I'd like to share a piece of simple advice which can help to make really good shots while travelling around cities.

1. Keep the Camera by Yourself

You never know when you might need your camera and it's not always possible and easy spending time on looking for it in the bag.

2. To Start Shooting

For DSLR-Cameras:
  • Set the camera to the A-mode
  • Close the diaphragm to the level of f/2,8-9, set ISO to minimum (100-200)

If the first trial shots turn out to be too dark or vice versa too light try to correct the exposition.

For Digital Cameras:
  • Set the M-mode (manual)
  • Turn the flash off, set ISO to minimum

If the first trial shots turn out to be too dark or vice versa too light try to correct the exposition.

Unlike portrait shooting, for the city landscape shots you don't need high-aperture lens, you just need everything to be in focus and for this purpose you need maximum depth of sharpness. This way you'll be able to make great landscapes with a simple hand-held camera and everything will be in focus with it!

3. Shot Composition

Golden Ratio
The main rule of the right shot composition is the golden ratio rule. The matter is that if the future shot is divided by three horizontal and three vertical lines proportionally to achieve the most attractive result you should pace the main object in the shot on one of these lines.

Horizon Line
It's important to remember that the horizon line should never be lopsided. If it accidentally happened you should correct it in a graphic editor.

4. Perspective and Volume

The best way to express the volume is at the expense of the objects in the foreground and background. They shouldn't necessarily be in focus what might make the shot even more interesting. Not to make the object look flat one has to find the necessary point of shooting that the shot object would go in perspective.

5. Architecture Higher Than Us

It's a common feeling when there are so many beautiful and interesting buildings around us but also crowds of people who can spoil the future shot. It's worth remembering that you don't necessarily have to capture people and their heads in the shot. You can simply shoot the buildings above the horizon line, as places of sightseeing can be depicted not only shooting at the eye level.

6. The City Atmosphere Is In Details

While shooting the city architecture I always pay attention to the details, beside general plans. They never better convey the unique atmosphere of each and other town. Windows, door knobs, balcony plants, flowers, tiles under your feet - all these at the end transform into a great city puzzle.

7. City Photo From The Height

Almost in every town there are places out of which one can get a superior view. Don't be too lazy and get there if possible. Sometimes it's not free, but later looking great self-made city scenes through you will not feel pity about the efforts and money you spent.

My advice doesn't claim to be fundamental photography rules but it can answer some questions. Don't be afraid to make photographs. Experiment! You surely don't want to bring back home just two or three properly made pictures, but positive memories! Hopefully, my advice can be useful for you!

Don't forget to share your travel photos in the comments!



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