14 Sample Poses For Photoshoot of Women With The Chair

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14 Sample Poses For Photoshoot of Women With The Chair

Have you ever noticed that taking photos of a person just standing up can be boring? During this lesson, I will show you how to make a simple photo an interesting one using a simple object (a chair) because everyone has one at home. Let's try to make the most interesting shots with the most simple objects.

Step 1. Choosing a background

Let's choose the main background for our photos. It can be an indoor room, nature, a photo studio etc. The background shouldn't be filled with small subjects - don't take the attention away from your model.

Step 2. Choosing clothes and accessories for the photoshoot

You might think that any clothes would be suitable for your model, but it's not always like that. It depends on the background, style and mood that you plan to transmit through your photographs. It might be helpful to communicate with your model before the photoshoot and disscuss the style of the photos: what she is going to wear, her make-up and the place of the photoshoot. Try to find a common language with your model for more productive work. In this lesson the model wore clothes that contrasted with the background so she wouldn't melt into it. To make the photo more interesting, consider using different accessories. As an example, during this photoshoot we used an old suitcase, teddy bear and a hat. That gives photos mood and style.

Step 3. Lighting

Lighting plays a big role too, especially if the photoshoot is not inside of a photo studio. Choose the daytime.Try to avoid the straight sun rays on your model's body and face, so there won't be sharp shades. It's better to take photos in the shade, cloudy weather, during dawn and sunset (then the sunlight is the softest and best for photos).

Advice 1. The position of the chair

Your chair is not glued to the floor.You can turn it differently and experiment with the model's poses.

Advice 2. Model's emotions

Before you start taking photos, you should communicate with your model so that she feels more relaxed and interested in the process of the photoshoot. Different emotions expressed on each photo always make a photoshoot more vivid.

Advice 3. The look

You can prompt a model on where she should look: at you, onto the floor or to the side. During the photoshoot you will finally see the best angles of the look.

Advice 4. The secret of slim legs

If your model stands on her toes, then her calves and thigh muscles will be more visible. Your model will become (visually) slimmer.

Advice 5. The portrait

You can take some very good portrait photos with the chair. Use the seat as a support for arms and don't take a full-length photo, but focus on the face and hands.

Advice 6. The flowing hair

Use the flow of a model's hair to add life to your photos. Try to picture the movement of the hair. Focus on the face and ask the model to turn her head and look at you or to the side; catch the moment of the hair flow so that the focus is on the eyes. You can use Sport mode or minimum exposure with used lighting. It's a lot of fun and gives you another way of communicating with the model.

I hope you like this little master-class and you learned something new and useful!
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