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How To: Professional Photo Retouching in Photoshop
Modern Photography School at Feb 27
If you are a becoming photographer you have most probably faced the problem of how to make your portrait better and get rid of the unwanted blemished skin.
All You Need to Know About Exposure, Aperture and ISO
Modern Photography School at Dec 19
This article will cover its three main components of exposure: aperture, shutter speed and ISO. At first it might seem to be really difficult to understand, but the experience and practice will help to manage it.
7 Travel Photography Tips
Modern Photography School at Nov 19
Do you enjoy traveling and imprint the most beautiful moments? You'll learn several simple advices which can help to make really good shots while travelling around cities.
14 Sample Poses For Photoshoot of Women With The Chair
Modern Photography School at Oct 19
Have you ever noticed that taking photos of a person just standing up can be boring? Read the following guide to learn how to make your photos more interesting.
Top 5 Tricks for Taking Professional Photos
Modern Photography School at Oct 12
What can you do to improve the quality of the photos? In this lesson, you will learn 5 simple tips to make your photos more professional and beautiful.
15 Sample Poses for Taking Beautiful Photos of Women
Modern Photography School at Sep 25
If you ever run out of creative ideas, or you need a simple guide for making great pictures of women, you should use the samples of poses that are offered below as a prompt.